Shenandoah Valley Adventist Elementary

Unit 4 review sheets
Unit Four Review Sheet
Lesson 13
  1.  How many kings had reigned in Israel before Solomon came to the throne?
  2.  Explain why Israel had a geographical advantage for telling other nations about God.
  3.  What did Solomon request of God in his dream?
  4.  Describe the early years of Solomon’s reign as king of Israel.
5.What attitude began to work its way into Solomon’s heart, gradually causing him to turn away from God’s plan for him?

6.What reasoning did Solomon use to convince himself that it was acceptable to marry heathen women?
7.Describe the change in Solomon and in his kingdom as he grew farther and farther away from God.
 8.What did God do that caused Solomon to “wake up” to his own condition and at the same time gave him a sense of hope?
9.What was Solomon’s life like when he was an old man? Why?
10.What did Solomon learn about God’s attitude toward sinners?

11.  What can we learn from Solomon’s experience about the power of a bad example?
12.  Which Bible book describes Solomon’s search for happiness? Why did he write it?
13.Why did God instruct the Israelites against intermarriage with people from heathen nations?

14. What effect did Solomon’s repentance have on the nation of Israel?

15.What cycle was repeated generation after generation in Israel because of Solomon’s influence?

Lesson 14
  1.  Why did God cause the drought that Elijah warned Ahab would come?

  2.  What was the Israelites’ reaction to Elijah’s warning message?
  3.What advice did the priests of Baal give when the land began to dry up and no rain      fell, just as Elijah had warned?

  4.  What did Jezebel believe about Elijah and the drought?

  5.  What cruel act did Jezebel commit in order to try to find Elijah?
  6.  Where did Elijah hide during the drought?
  7.Why was Ahab afraid to meet Elijah even though he had been looking for him so long?

  8.  Describe the setting for the showdown between God and Baal. Where was it? Who was there?
  9.  Why did Ahab obey Elijah on Mount Carmel?
10.  Contrast the prayers of the priests of Baal and of Elijah on Mount Carmel.
11.  What happened in the hearts of the people of Israel when God sent fire to burn Elijah’s sacrifice?
12.  What did Elijah do that caused much of the victory of Mount Carmel to be erased?
13.  How did Elijah feel while he was in the cave? Why?
14.  What were the three natural forces Elijah experienced before God spoke to him in the still, small voice? What did Elijah learn from each of them?
15.  What did God teach Elijah through the still, small voice?
16.  What were some of the things God did to help Elijah overcome his depression?
Lesson 15
  1.  Describe the giant statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. What world empire did each part of the statue represent?
  2.  According to the wise men of Daniel’s time, from where did dreams come?
  3.  What made King Nebuchadnezzar’s command regarding this dream so difficult?
  4.  Why were Daniel and his three friends living in Babylon?
  5.  Why had God allowed Israel to be destroyed?
  6.  After the destruction of Israel, in what way did God plan to bring a knowledge of Himself to the heathen nations?
  7.  How did Daniel and his friends feel about trying to interpret the dream?
  8.  Describe and explain the meaning of the dramatic climax of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.
  9.  What does Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and its interpretation tell us about God’s involvement in history?
10.  What assurance about Bible prophecy can we gain from Daniel 2?
11.  What parts of the prophecy in Daniel 2 have been fulfilled? What parts or part, if any, have not been fulfilled?
12.  Nebuchadnezzar was impressed by Daniel’s wisdom. How did he show his awe for what Daniel had done?
  1. How can the prophecy of Daniel 2 help us today as we think about frightening things that happen, or could happen, in the world?
Lesson 16
  1.  What event took place in Nebuchadnezzar’s palace that may have brought about the required pledge of allegiance to the king?
  2.  Why did Nebuchadnezzar want the statue to be made entirely of gold?
  3.  What did bowing to the golden statue represent?
  4.  Nebuchadnezzar used two of Satan’s methods in order to get the people to bow down to his golden statue. What were they?
  5.  Why did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego respond to the king so politely?
  6.  What was the attitude of the three men as they stood before Nebuchadnezzar and responded to his threats?
  7.  What happened to the soldiers when they threw the Hebrews into the fire?
  8.  How did Nebuchadnezzar’s attitude change as he watched the men in the blazing fire?
  9.  What can one learn about Christians facing trials from the story of the fiery furnace?
10.  How were the three Hebrews rewarded as a result of the fiery furnace experience?

11. What could be one reason God spared the three Hebrew men from death in the fire? (Use the story about Dr. Lee at the beginning of this lesson to help determine your answer.)
12.  God told Nebuchadnezzar that his kingdom would not last forever. How was the king disregarding this information?