Shenandoah Valley Adventist Elementary

Oral Book Report Form
Student name: _____________________________

Book title: ________________________________
Author: __________________________________
Number of pages read: _______________________
Publisher: _________________________________

I certify that my child read the book mentioned above during the past 30 days.
Parent signature: ___________________________
Date: ____________________________________

Your oral report is to be done in an outline form so that when you give your book report you can follow the outline without reading the report.
Your one page typed outline is to include:
a.    Who are the main characters?
b.    What is the setting of the story (location and any background information you need to tell, in order to understand the story)?
c.    When does the story take place?
d.    What are the important events?
e.    What are the main characters in the book and what did they do?
f.    What part of the book did you like best and why?
g.    On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate the book?

Remember that the oral book report can be no longer than five minutes in length.
Attach this to the outline that you turn in on the day the book reports are due.  Also remember to have your book with you when you give your report.