Shenandoah Valley Adventist Elementary

Written Book Report Form
Written Book Report Form
Student Name:____________________

Remember that this book needs to be a minimum of 150 pages at your reading level. To receive credit for the book Mr. Miller must approve the book before you read it.

Book Title: _______________________

Author: _________________________

Number of pages read: _____________

Publisher: _________________________

I verify that my child has read the book mentioned above during the past 30 days.

Parent signature: _______________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________

Your typed summary (two pages double spaced, size 12 font) is to include the following:
1.    The main characters
2.    The setting of the story (location and any background information you need to tell in order to understand the story)
3.    When the story takes place
4.    The major important events
5.    What are the main characters in the book and what they did
6.    What part of the book did you like the best and why
7.    On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate this book? Explain why.
Please remember that this is a summary, not an outline.  

Attach this to your book report