Shenandoah Valley Adventist Elementary

Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures for SVAE Grades 8
2017-2018 School Year

Before School Procedure

When you get to school in the morning you are to:

  1. Unload your backpack or book bag and turn in any homework from the previous day.
  2. Put your lunch and book bag on the back shelf (no lunches are to be in or under your desk.)
  3. Fill your drink bottle from the water cooler. Everyone is expected to have a water bottle at their desk.
  4. Check the board for any announcements and write down today’s assignments. This needs to be done by 8:18.
  5. Answer the Bible questions that are on the board to give your team more pts.
  6. Stay in the classroom unless you get permission to leave the room. Leaving the classroom without permission will cost your team a point. 

Tardy Procedures:

If you arrive after 8:20 come in and go quietly to your desk and participate in worship. When worship is finished get ready for the day.

Worship Procedure

Worship begins at 8:20.  During worship you are to be an active listener and participant.  It is not a time for doing homework, talking, walking around the classroom, etc.  This is our special time with God as we begin the day and interruptions take away from its specialness.  Each morning we will take prayer requests.

Paper Heading Procedure

Your papers are to have the following written in the top right corner:





If your paper doesn’t have a proper heading it will be returned.

Make sure that all assignments are written in pencil or erasable ink.  I will tell you which assignments are to be written in cursive and in complete sentences.

  ***Half credit will be given for those written in permanent pen and for those who don’t put their names on their assignments.****

When you finish an assignment turn it into the appropriate paper tray located on the counter.

Collecting assignments during class

When you are asked to turn in your papers, pass them to the left and the paper collector will pick up the papers and put them in the proper paper tray.

Returned assignment procedure

When your assignments are graded and returned, put it in your returned paper folder.  Keep your papers until the Weekly Update is handed out on Friday so that if Mr. Miller has made a mistake you will have proof that you completed the assignment.  Take home your graded papers on Friday.

What to do when you are finished with an assignment:

  1. Check to make sure that the assignment is correct.
  2. Check to make sure that your assignment is headed correctly.
  3. Work on another assignment you haven’t finished.
  4. Practice your vocabulary words
  5. Memorize your memory verse
  6. Read in your Bible and write your thoughts on what you read
  7. Work on some extra credit

What not to do when you are finished with your work:

  1. Wander around the room.
  2. Talk and disturb others who are trying to finish their work.
  3. Rock back and forth in your chair.
  4. You know.  Don’t you? 

Restroom Procedures

  1. When you need to leave make sure to write your name on the stop sign on the door and then erase it out when you return to the classroom. One person can be out at one time.
  2. If you need to use the restroom you may use it as needed with the following exceptions:
    1. If we have just begun the day or if we have just finished lunch.
    2. If someone else is out of the room.
    3. If we are taking a test.
    4. If we are in a class discussion.
    5. *****No more than twice each day, unless it is an emergency.  If you need to use it more than that you need to seek medical advice.******

You are to bring a water bottle to school so that you will have water available at your desk. Students will not be able to leave the room to get water.

Hallway Conduct

The hallways are to be quiet at all times.  Why?  We don’t want to interrupt the learning of those who are in class.  It’s important to remember that not everyone is able to concentrate as well as you.  Quiet means, no talking.

Dress Code Enforcement

Please show maturity to follow the school dress code.  For those who choose to do otherwise, they will be sent to the office until they are dressed properly.

Fire Drill Procedure

  1. Walk out the back door of the classroom, leave everything in the room.
  2. Walk quietly in a single file line to third base line on the ball field.
  3. Stand in a straight line so that attendance can be taken.
  4. When the all clear is given walk back to the classroom. 

Assembly Procedure

  1. Get your chapel buddy on the way to chapel and sit with them. Remember that there should be an older student and then a younger student. You aren’t to be sitting next to one of your classmates.
  2. Remember that you are the leaders of the school and the younger ones follow your example. Be an active participant in the assembly, which means to sing and assist with the program but not to be talking. I don’t want to embarrass anyone by making him move in the middle of the assembly.

Lunch Procedure

  1. After dismissal from music walk down to the back door of the gym and then to the serving area/eating area.
  2. Those who finish eating early are to help clean and move the lunch table to the storage room before they play.
  3. No one is to go back to the classroom until 12:45.


3:10 clean-up procedure before you go home

  1. If you have a job to do, get it done at this time.
  2. Get your book bag, etc. and any schoolwork you need to finish at home.
  3. When everyone is ready to go we will dismiss.

After School Procedure

Take all of your belongings with you as you leave the classroom. We are to go to the end of the outside sidewalk and wait as a group for your ride. If you aren’t picked up by 3:25 you can wait inside with after school care until you are picked up.

Phone Usage

The phone in the classroom is for teacher usage, not for students, unless you have permission. When given permission you will take the phone pass to the office so Mrs. Reedy knows you have permission to call.

Classroom Jobs

Each week different students will have classroom jobs to do.  This is our classroom and our school. We are responsible for part of the clean up around the school.  If is your responsibility to make sure that your job gets done at the appropriate time.

Absence Procedure

When you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to ask your teachers what work you missed.  If you are absent one day you will have one day to make up your work.  If you are absent two days you have two days to make up your work, etc.

Grading System

The letter grades are based on the following:

100-93 A                                 76-73               C

  92-90 A-                                72-70               C-

  89-87 B+                                69-67               D+

  86-83 B                                  66-63               D

  82-80 B-                                62-60               D-

  79-77 C+                                59- 0                F

Remember that Mr. Miller doesn’t give grades, YOU earn them.